Go out and shoot!

Go out and shoot!

Haven't had time to shoot for a while.
So I think this is the time to take the cameras in the box out and let them work a bit.

We walk around the 'Talad noi' area and shooting non-stop.
I have to admit that to have a good model I enjoy taking the photo more.
Maybe this is my first time having a proper model and she did a really great job on that.

Well, I think this pic looks cinematic.
She look just like a girl who's thinking about her crush,
so I put a Chinese subtitle into it and it's turn out to be a part of a period romance movie scene. Don't you think so?

"You had me at hello." 🌹

And From now on, It's going to be a Kodak UltraMax 400
So no wonder that the pic are in a clearer tone.

And of course, The last one below is from 'Nishika N9000'
The 3d film camera that I've shot for 2nd time.
Haven't get familiar with it yet..

So that's all of today's film story : )
Hope you enjoy.


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