Macau 2015

Macau 2015

Celebrating my 2016 New year at Macau & Japan this year.
I fall in love with Macau already which I really don’t know why?
Maybe I fall for the street at night, maybe I fall for the mood of Wong Kar-wai, maybe because of the food.
Or maybe I just love everywhere with you : )

Japan 2016

Japan’s new year is super quiet. Even the countdown night.
There were no firework or a big party that we can shout out loud. But I really like it indeed.
I woke up lazily in the late morning of the new year day somewhere in Tokyo. It was so peaceful.
Another day I took the train to Disneyland then took the bus to Osaka.

***shooting info : ***

*Cam : Olympus OM1 *
*Lens : 50mm,  f/1.4-16 *
*Film : Kodak-200 *

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