Ratchaburi, Thailand

Ratchaburi, Thailand

I’m the person who knows nothing about Thailand and I’m ashamed of that for every time my foreign friend ask where to go in Thailand.
So my goal in these few years is to travel in Thailand as much as I could.
So here I’m in Ratchaburi to see these little monsters in the farm : )
I’ll write about places I’ve been when I have more time. It’s been a good start for me on this traveling around Thailand project.
I carried 3 film cameras on this trip to see the difference between them.  
Which are OLYMPUS [Mju] Zoom115, **Nikon **FM and the **Nikon **F-801.

Nikon FM

Just a broken Light meter, not a broken heart
The light meter is broken but pics that I’ve shot by estimated from a digital camera turn out pretty awesome.
And the Fuji film ISO 400 made the pics brighter than before. (Love it)

*Cam : Nikon FM *

*Lens : AF NIKKOR 50mm,  f/ 1.8 *
*Film : Fuji-400 *

OLYMPUS [Mju] Zoom115

The most convenient one of mine.

*Cam : Olympus μ [mju:] ZOOM115  [$25] *

Lens : 38-115mm
Film : Fuji-200  [$4.57]

Nikon F-801

Nikon F801 is an autofocus cam (It’s a digital film camera) which I had fun shooting with, especially shooting moving things.

Cam : Nikon F-801

Lens : AF NIKKOR 35-70mm,  f/3 – 4.5
Film : Kodak-200

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